In 2014, Worldpay conducted a comprehensive study of 10,000 consumers worldwide, who were asked about their digital payment preferences. Enigma created an engaging report to be communicated to Worldpay’s global customer base, driving awareness of the key trends in the market, and delivering a pipeline of high value leads.


To make the research instantly relevant to each audience segment, Enigma developed a series of 42 different personas to mirror the real issues and challenges identified in the research. This also helped anyone viewing the content to find something meaningful they could identify with, thereby facilitating concise communication of the key points.

“We needed to develop content that spoke to target prospects in vertical markets, which meant some complex segmentation. The solution developed with Enigma was smart and has longevity due to the way Enigma allowed us to update the content over time. The results have been brilliant.”

Alex Smith | Marketing Manager, Worldpay


We took a complex, in-depth research document and transformed it into highly shareable content that was relevant to businesses across a wide array of regions and vertical sectors. We also made it easy to relate the contents of the report to the end-customers - the very people most impacted by digital payment methods used online all across the world.


We used location and interest criteria to generate 42 different persona combinations, which fed into an individual, personalised, and downloadable PDF summary. While much of the basic background information for a particular selection would remain constant – for example, the selection of a particular country would always pull in certain data elements – additional elements were included to create versions tailored to each user’s needs.

"The assets we created worked on any device, any screen size and contained lots of shareable elements. As a consequence, the campaign proved to be one of the most widely shared marketing campaigns Worldpay has ever run."


A single deal in this market could be worth in the region of £20m to a company like Worldpay. The campaign lead capture - done via Marketo - resulted in two proposals of that size as a result of leads acquired directly from Enigma's campaign.

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