Virtual data center world tour


The brief

Verne Global operates Iceland’s only data center, boasting many benefits thanks to its location, from fixed energy costs and secure location through to its innovative cooling systems. Getting potential customers to Iceland to see the benefits first-hand is Verne’s most powerful way of generating sales. However, given the distance and travel time, it can be hard to arrange this for some visitors. This created a problem - when talking to prospects at trade shows, or in client presentations, the true benefits of the data center were not being communicated as effectively as they could be, and opportunities were not converting into business.

Our response

We recommended using the power of VR to give Verne Global’s prospects the opportunity to experience its ground-breaking data center - wherever they were in the world. This would make for a more engaging and immersive conversation, and help showcase the uniqueness of the facility without the need to actually be on site. Having talked to Verne’s sales staff, we created an experience that allowed them to support the conversations they were having most often, taking clients into specific data halls relating to their Power Advance and Power Direct solutions.

"We love showing people what the facility is all about, but for some a trip to Iceland takes up time they simply cannot spare. The Enigma VR solution gets us round that problem."

Adam Nethersole, Director of Marketing, Verne Global

The medium

Using the Samsung Gear VR platform, we developed an app the sales team could use at events or in meetings with prospects. We also created a Google Cardboard version of the app, with Verne-branded Cardboard headsets to send to leads – enabling them to view the data center in their own time too. We produced a series of connected 360-images and videos to guide the viewer through the data center that worked on both headsets with optimal user experience built in.

The message

Creating a great VR experience is not like creating any other piece content. All other types of content have a carefully defined beginning, middle, and end, but VR is different. Simple prompts on screen enable users to navigate the experience according to their own specific needs from the data center in Iceland. Understanding how VR can be more powerful than any traditional means of communicating features and benefits, this approach allowed users to see the data center without leaving their own location.


After only a few months in use, the reaction from Verne customers and prospects to the use of VR has been overwhelmingly positive; that ‘wow factor’ is helping to drive engagement with the Verne Global brand. It has reduced the time taken to progress leads through the sales funnel and is set to make a reduction of 15% to the overall sales cycle, as well as bringing about a significant five-figure saving in travel and accommodation costs.

"Our sales people can take the data center with them wherever they go, and the reaction from everyone so far has been tremendous."

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