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Symantec, one of the world’s leading website security experts, produces an annual Website Security Threat Report. This year, as in previous years, we were asked to develop an engaging email marketing campaign to inspire prospects and customers to read what has changed on the threat landscape in 2015-16. The challenge was to make the content compelling, and to explain why it was relevant and important to our target audience. It was also important to match or exceed the results of previous WSTR campaigns, which is always difficult when repeating a piece of work.


Symantec Website Security has recently adopted a blue colour palette, rather than the predominantly yellow and orange, to give a more tech-style look and feel to its communications. We developed a simple yet effective campaign using this new colour scheme. Key words and graphics were highlighted by bright colours, meaning they stood out against the dark blue background. Primary statistics were used within the email to draw people in and make them want to find out more.

“The use of the bright blue and yellow accent colours against the dark blue background gave the campaign a sharp, technical feel but allowed the key statistics to stand out. The result was a visually engaging campaign encouraging a high click-through rate.”

Anna Sampson | Director, Direct Marketing | Symantec


Four diverse concepts were developed for Symantec to choose from. Once selected, we set about developing the campaign assets. With a lot of copy and a wide variety of graphs and diagrams, we looked at ways to break up the content into an easily-readable format and to make the visuals stand out whilst remaining simple to understand. The report was split into two sections that would be sent in a three-stage campaign; Part 1, Part 2 and then the complete report.


In order to promote the report, we designed and built an email, landing page, thanks landing page and thanks email for each stage of the campaign. The campaign was first developed for prospects, with additional versions created for customers and partners. An accompanying video and infographic were also produced, to be made available with the full report and shared via social media channels.

“The video and infographic highlighted the key statistics and drew them together into a visual format for anyone looking for an at-a-glance insight into this year's report. Video, particularly, has been shown to increase open rates and engagement rates.”

Eve MacDonald | Account Director | Enigma


The campaign was to be made available to a global audience so we had to ensure that everything we created would work when it came to localisation. Once the campaign had been built and approved in English, it was then localised into 10 additional languages. This required stringent testing and approval procedures to ensure all the copy, links, assets and contact details were correct for each region.


The landing page included a short form for people to register their interest by providing their contact details. All the data was captured in our own reporting dashboard and funnelled back to Symantec. The proportion of those that clicked through to the campaign and went on to register their details was an above average 56%. The campaign is still active, and continues to deliver results.

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