Complete Website Security Branding


The brief

To engage prospects and customers in a conversation about the evolving cyber security threat landscape, and how Symantec’s Complete Website Security suite offers a robust and flexible solution.

Our response

The variety and volume of cyber threats facing organisations, combined with the complexity and sophistication of attack methods, has created an evolving threat landscape. To educate and inspire Symantec’s target audiences, we devised a twin-track strategy to nurture new leads and stimulate sales through account based marketing initiatives. New online assets were developed, along with a comprehensive library of content, and a branding exercise to ensure the new proposition resonated with technically-minded contacts.

“It was important to make the complex nature of the threat landscape accessible to a business audience without losing any of the technical weight from the arguments. The combination of content, design, and branding helped us develop an effective series of programme elements for distinct audience personas.”

Marcus Hiles | Client Services Director, Enigma Marketing

Content library

From technical white papers to business-friendly videos, from responsive email to sales support material, we produced - and continue to produce - an array of high-quality content, each piece crafted to convey a particular message or to target a particular audience persona. We examined the threat landscape, the issues it creates for organisations trying to stay protected, and explained how Complete Website Security addresses the key business pain points. All content was designed to get the recipient on a customer journey that took them through education and interest, to downloading assets from Symantec, and requesting meetings.

Design elements

From initial outlines to finished designs, we consulted closely with the client to ensure the ideas we put forward at each stage were in alignment with recent changes to corporate design criteria. This involved a new colour palette, updated feature icons to across the Complete Website Security solution, and a scrollable, carousel-style image array that lets users choose which feature icon to select. This approach has been used across all materials and works particularly well with the videos. We also created a content hub to act as an internal resource site where all of the materials, along with additional assets provided by Symantec, are hosted in a variety of languages for use by in-country sales teams.

Using video

Video has been growing in importance in recent years. One of the next developments in the use of video will be giving the audience more control - not merely broadcasting at them in a fixed way. By creating an interactive video made up of what was in effect 13 short videos, we made it possible for the audience to navigate their own way through the videos - picking topics and issues that were of interest to them and watching them in an order of their choosing.

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