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Cyber security in all its forms is an increasingly important consideration for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Finding ways to engage with the right audience in the right way and deliver genuinely helpful information means putting relevance and personalisation at the heart of everything you do. For Symantec that meant creating a tool that business and technical people could use to establish their understanding of the website security landscape and their organisation’s risk profile.


Our aim was to use the three main benefits of the Symantec Complete Website Security offering, to highlight three key areas of potential concern for cyber security professionals within target organisations: agility, visibility, and security. By asking a series of detailed scenario-based questions, we were able to build a profile of an individual’s risk awareness and highlight any potential areas of concern they ought to address.

"By breaking the risk assessment down into three key areas, we were able to create a test that was simple and intuitive for users, and helped Symantec enhance their engagement with customers."

Marcus Hiles | Client Services Director | Enigma Marketing

Our response

We started by outlining a user journey that would support what we were trying to achieve. Then we drafted a series of questions split into three distinct topic areas: visibility, agility, and security. By choosing from a list of answers we provided, participants would accrue a score that indicates their preparedness against each of the three topic areas. That was then combined to provide each person with their own individual risk assessment report. The risk assessment also functions as a great sales support asset, and as part of a customer nurture programme it supports enhanced customer engagement and helps to profile customer security needs better.

Questions and answers

The risk assessment tool was hosted as a responsive website, enabling us to focus on streamlining the user journey - keeping it straightforward and logical. One of the challenges was piecing together the different variables from the question-and-answer stage, which was overcome by the simple application of testing and careful attention to detail. Throughout the risk assessment there was supporting copy to guide the user where necessary and to encourage them to move from one section to another. The user also receives a copy of the report in their inbox via a follow-up email, whereupon the Symantec team is automatically notified of the download.

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