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Sometimes the most effective way to explain something to someone is not to explain it at all but to demonstrate it. Sometimes the more detail and information you include will get in the way of your attempts to make a product or service easy to understand. When Nuance, a long-standing client of ours, asked us to help reinvigorate its voice-control software, Dragon Dictate, that was the challenge we accepted. How were we going to demonstrate the capabilities of the tool in a way that would immediately bring it to life for different target audiences. The approach we decided to take was show, don’t tell.


There was a single, overarching objective that kept us focused throughout - generate more leads for Nuance by making Dragon Dictate more exciting, more compelling. Up to that point, Dragon Dictate had been reliant on traditional marketing tactics - brochures, data sheets and so on. There’s always a place for such collateral but we felt something was missing. By developing a targeted campaign, using more appealing creative output, and constantly assessing results so we could optimise the campaign, we set about reversing Dragon’s fortunes.

“Sometimes it really helps to be able to show how a product works to demonstrate its benefits. That's the case with Dragon Dictate. Our video series really brought the story to life.”

James O'Flaherty | Group Account Director, Engima


We felt it was important to show people what Dragon is capable of and so we created an integrated campaign that promoted a simple effective message, backed up by memorable assets. Taking our inspiration from one of the voice commands within the tool, we gave the campaign a simple, on-message strapline - ‘what can I say?’ We then created a series of videos, tailored for specific target markets. Showing the product in use with a clear demonstration of the ease and effectiveness of the tool, the videos were supported by programmatic ads, paid social, sponsored content, display, and other means.

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