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Neopost, a global supplier of business communication solutions for mail, parcels and emails, asked Enigma to create an informational video to explain the benefits of their Success Packs. These packs are collections of perks and benefits offered to Neopost customers, including dedicated assistance from experts, project management support, training and more. The challenge was to create an engaging, to-the-point video that explained what they are, as well as the scenarios in which clients can best take advantage of them. The video was also to be filmed, which meant it would require actors, sets and recording equipment.


Enigma's in-house video team were in charge of the production, creating the storyboard and script for the project. Our crew of actors then used these to record the video's footage over the course of a day. Neopost was kept up to date with regular updates and photos from the set, allowing the video to dynamically evolve in response to its feedback.

“Video isn't just memorable, it's fully trackable and a great addition to clients' marketing activities. Being able to control the whole process, from storyboard to promotion, means we offer our clients a great return on their investment in video.”

James O'Flaherty | Group Account Director, Enigma

Post production

With the filming complete, the video moved into post production. During this process, the video team was able to add digital elements to the video, including text to emphasise what the narrator is saying, and a ribbon that moves around the office. The ribbon motif was added to signify ideas being brought together, in this case the collaboration between Neopost and its clients. It was also given a striking green colour, the same one used in Neopost's logo, to give the video a better sense of familiarity.

Other videos

You can find the full selection of the videos as well as a selection of other recent work the team have produced on the Enigma Vimeo page or find out more about our capabilities on our Video Solutions page.

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