Maximise ABM impact from events & shows


The Challenge

Trade shows are still hugely important, despite the growth of online marketing tools. But in this time-pressured face-to-face environment, one particular challenge remains: how do you maximise the return on your investment? Getting people onto your stand can be hard enough, but once there, how do you capture as much valuable follow-up information as possible? And, more importantly, how can you make sure the details you capture are fed directly into a targeted follow-up campaign?

The Brief

For LogRhythm, InfoSec is one of the cornerstones of the year; making an impact at this important security industry event is paramount. Enigma developed a tool for LogRhythm that has enabled its sales people to quickly and effectively capture important profiling data on-stand and securely store it automatically for rapid, relevant follow-up. Deployed as an app on tablets and smart TV screens, the tool works alongside the LogRhythm Security Maturity Model strategy.

Relevant Insight

The LogRhythm Security Maturity Model demonstrates that data security is a journey, not a destination. The tool lets LogRhythm sales people have conversations built on relevance, by illustrating the interplay of different security factors and their influence on the individual business being profiled. Not only does the tool profile a prospect’s likely intention to buy, it shows them where they sit on the Security Maturity spectrum. It also generates a report for the prospect detailing the importance of security maturity and giving practical advice on next steps.

Data Capture

All prospect data is fed directly into LogRhythm’s nurture funnel, with results being analysed in Enigma’s own Dashboard. From there, customer details are supplied to LogRhythm to be tracked via its own CRM platform and followed-up appropriately. Because of the nature of the questions asked on-stand, when the prospect is being talked through the tool, all information is pre-qualified by the time it arrives in the client’s database, which increases the value of the contact information collected at the show.

Adding Value

This approach elevates the on-stand conversation with prospects and customers away from product-level detail, which is typically where most companies pitch their trade show attendance. Instead, by taking the Security Maturity Model as its starting point, the conversation is far more of a thought-leadership, value-add nature. The reports it generates for participants are genuinely in depth, offering a level of detail that can be used to make practical next-step decisions. It also means that subsequent follow-up from LogRhythm will be more personalised and more targeted, making it more relevant to the recipient.

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