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The Brief

AnalogFolk commissioned Enigma to help deliver an interactive visualisation of Twitter chat during the 2015 UK General Election. A 2.5 metre high rimless ultra-bright LED screen was installed in the agency's window, while we took care of the social integration, real-time data services and animation for the attention-grabbing data visualisation.

The Solution

Live for the week up to and including the General Election, our bot scraped Twitter in real time for tweets related to each of the nine major UK political parties. The visualisation refreshed every second or so, updating it's coloured "trixels" to show a normalised representation of the political conversation taking place on Twitter as the UK headed to the polls.

"We did everything we could to make our analysis objective but the board was remarkably prescient, being distinctly blue in the run up to the election!"

Build & Deploy

Enigma built an API for the service in Node.js, an ideal choice for realtime technology. This allowed us to work on the animation and back-end in parallel and really exploit the rapid development capabilities of our open source CMS and App Framework; Lackey to quickly build and deploy the project.

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