How video can increase your sales conversions

Written by Hazel King

Video is a growing part of what we do at Enigma. In the first in an ongoing series of posts looking at the role of video in the marketing mix, Mark Cox and Andy Keyte have explored how this important tool can help grow your sales - but only if you know what you're doing.

If you’re not using video in your company’s marketing strategy, your customers may be looking at a competitor who is. Online video is huge and most marketing agencies will tell you that in the next two years as much as 74% of web traffic will be video.

The majority of companies are failing to react to this rapidly growing medium. If you want to increase traffic to your website, improve your SEO ranking and profit from higher sales conversions, then here are some tips to help your business succeed.

Video blog

Creating a video blog for your business can help increase traffic to your website and create a real buzz around your brand. Posting regular updates and adding links to share on social media will drive conversation about your company and products.

Video messaging

Is your sales team struggling to get leads over the phone? Do you have a database of prospective leads that have shown some interest in your company and products, but have failed to be converted into pipeline? With video messaging, you can quickly and cheaply re-engage with your customers by creating personalised video messages, and you don’t need a lot of high end equipment to do it – you can even send a video message from a mobile phone!

Key messaging

Keep it simple, entertaining and informative. It may sound obvious, but your content should be relevant to your audience, adding value that will convince the users to dedicate the time to watch your video. The more quality videos, the bigger the chances to serve as an authority, build a trusting relationship with your audience and increase the conversions.

Don’t dilute your message with unnecessarily long or over complicated content – include the key points at the beginning and ensure you remain concise throughout to achieve high levels of engagement. Typically, your average number of viewers will steadily decline in correlation with the length of your video.

Lead capture

Want more leads without doing the grunt work, or having to pay for expensive data that doesn’t offer much return on investment? One quick and easy way is to introduce a simple data capture form on your video content. You can also add social sharing links and an email opt in to sign up for your company newsletter and the latest product updates.

Video SEO

Video content can also help your company to improve its SEO ranking, if used in the right way. The most important information for search engines is the video title, description and the thumbnail. Additionally, the meta data offers more details about the length of the video and its file name and this can help it rank well too. Ensure your video title is concise and your description contains more details using your keywords to boost your ranking. The file name of your video is also relevant and is another way to describe your content for search engines using your keywords.


A transcript is essentially the written version of your video and it can have a key impact on your search rankings. If the transcript includes your chosen keywords this will help search engines learn and understand your content more easily. To unlock the content in your videos, add video transcriptions to the HTML of the page. This will help search engines find your content and enables the viewer to read an overview of your video.

Create a video sitemap

Creating a video sitemap ensures all the fundamental data about your video content is displayed to search engines in a clear and concise manner. It is an additional way to present the title, description, subject and duration whilst also serving as an extension of your website’s general sitemap.

Measure the success

Remember to implement a tracking system to measure the success of your new video strategy. You need to make sure you can report on the traffic coming through the top of the funnel through social or search and track those users through your content strategy to closure.

There are a variety of ways to implement SEO for your video content, but ultimately it comes down to quality. The actual content will grab the audience’s attention and the optimisation will ensure you are rewarded for your efforts with a higher position on SERPs.

If you would like more information on video marketing, or would like to see what benefits Enigma could offer you, please contact us at Enigma Marketing.


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