Delivering vibrant video on the double

Written by Hazel King

When a client called on us to create a dynamic video showing their vibrant office environment in just two days, the Enigma team stepped up to make sure it really hit the spot

At Enigma, we’re well known for making inventive videos for our clients, so when CPS, a forward-thinking technical and business consultancy agency and Microsoft partner based in Marlow, wanted a video showcasing the company as a fun, vibrant and enjoyable place to work, they knew just who to call.

We’d already worked with CPS on another successful video so they knew they could rely on us to produce something great.

The team were briefed very late on and had only a few days to come up with a concept, but luckily we’re a flexible bunch so that wasn’t a problem. The idea was to create something that highlighted why CPS is a great company to work for, and could be used to promote its entry in the Great Places to Work awards. It was decided that the best day to film would be a Friday, near the end of CPS’s financial year, when they’d be handing out awards for outstanding performance and years of service.

In the short time we had to prep for the shoot, the video team set to work establishing an editing style and hunting out a piece of music that would boost the visuals.

“I wanted to use a very kinetic style of editing, using quick cuts and snap zooms to make mundane actions more interesting. Finding a way to make everyday tasks more visually engaging was key to the production.” Jake Whiteman, Head of Video Production, Enigma Marketing

On the day, Lauren, Jake and Sam from Enigma, along with the camera crew, prowled around the corridors of CPS and filmed various talks, presentations, company meetings and other shenanigans that had been arranged as part of CPS's end-of-year round-up. They filmed for a full working day using two cameras to ensure they had as much footage as possible for post-production.

Sounds simple, right? Not so. The final edit was needed for first thing Thursday morning so the CPS team could share it on social media immediately after the awards ceremony, taking place the night before. Did I mention there was a bank holiday weekend in between? Time was tight!

The wizards in the video department (namely Jake and Sam) worked tirelessly to sort through more than 16 hours of footage to whittle down the best bits and stitch it all together, producing the final version in just two days. Also, due to time constraints on the day, the colours of the two cameras couldn’t be calibrated, so we ended up with two very different sets of footage. Colour correction is always a part of post-production and the team were prepared for this, but the kinetic editing timeline resulted in a complex grading process.

“We engaged Enigma to work on two new videos for us, one with a very short turnaround time. Helping guide us creatively and offering advice where needed but working to our brief, we were thrilled at the result. The videos look highly professional, are engaging and clearly convey our key messages.”
Claire Salter, CPS Marketing Manager

Despite these challenges, Enigma once again came up trumps. The video was a resounding success and takes pride of place on their homepage. And best of all, CPS placed 8th overall which means they are now listed in the Top 10 UK Great Places to Work!


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